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Data Analytics: Lowering the Skyrocketing Healthcare Cost
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Healthcare firms are investing a vast amount of money building armies of data analysts and data warehouses to arrive at better decisions with data and improve patient care. Healthcare data management helps to treat patients holistically, provide...

Win-win for Humanity: The Union of Technology and Healthcare
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Technology dominates lives, and technological developments have had an incredibly positive effect on the healthcare sector. Health technology has profoundly influenced the improvement of human health and increasing life expectancy....

The New Frontier for Healthcare Analytics
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Benson Hsu, VP, Data and Analytics, Sanford Health

Healthcare analytics is in its infancy. Most organizations lack a cohesive data strategy and even fewer have effectively integrated analytics into the care delivery process, with most using analytics in one-off projects. For the majority of...

Strategic Development of Enterprise Analytics for Healthcare Delivery Systems
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By Joe Kimura, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Atrius Health

Healthcare analytics is increasingly recognized as a critical core competency for accountable-care delivery systems. Analytics drive efficient and effective delivery system innovation and process improvement. Predictive and prescriptive analytics...