Apervita: A Strategic Approach to Health Analytics

Apervita: A Strategic Approach to Health Analytics

Paul Magelli, CEO, ApervitaPaul Magelli, CEO, Apervita
Analytics are playing a burgeoning role in the healthcare arena, but not without difficulties. Through today’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and embedded analytics, health organizations are beginning to discover the tremendous potential of applying data to solve some of their most pervasive challenges. However, the vast majority of health knowledge is still only available as simple PDF documents. This valuable knowledge cannot be easily shared amongst health professionals who desperately need it to automate their workflow.

To make an analogy, not so long ago we were accustomed to driving with paper-based maps. We navigated manually by guessing our position based on where we had been, using circumstantial information and some intuition to decide where to go next, with no knowledge of the traffic and points of interest that might lie ahead. GPS apps have made maps computable, transforming the way we travel, allowing us to focus on the task of driving and arriving safely at our destination. In a similar way, Apervita empowers organizations to make health knowledge computable and readily accessible, empowering health professionals with timely and relevant insight, enabling them to focus their time on delivering the best and safest care.

CIOs in health enterprises are already inundated with requests to deliver basic lists, reports and measures. Apervita sees organizations’ appetite for insight intensifying across many new areas, such as population health management, risk management, compliance monitoring and performance measurement. Current approaches to health analytics and data lack the ability to affordably transform evolving health knowledge and large volumes of complex health data into insights that can be easily distributed, shared and consumed within the enterprise.

Apervita solves the two-sided health analytic problem

Too often, today’s approach is slow to react, reliant on expensive vendor consultants, and only addresses one problem at a time. This approach is clearly not sustainable.

Headed by Paul Magelli, Apervita is leading a transformation with a solution that changes the way health professionals consume analytics. The Apervita plat¬form is empowering CIOs to secure and unleash their data, creating their own digital torrent of health knowledge, which can be channeled to any employee. Apervita is a secure platform to author and use portable health analytics, infused with rich semantic meaning, and easily shared with any health professional. It provides a simple analytic author¬ing environment, enabling anyone, in minutes, to create and publish their own analytics.
“Apervita solves the two-sided health analytic problem,” said Magelli. “Today, health enterprises are incapacitated with minimal ability to solve the first mile and last mile problems, and no platform to allow health analytics to flourish. With Apervita, health enterprises can easily connect their data and solve the first mile problem. They can then semantically map data to any analytic authored by their own teams, allowing analytics to be rapidly prototyped and published in as little as hours. Finally, they can be applied to any enterprise workflow through modern web services, solving the last mile problem.”

“Our business model is designed to give our clients the freedom to choose which use cases they want to solve and how they want to solve them. Often, users are provided with multiple avenues to solve their problems. With Apervita, they can quickly deploy all of them and decide later to focus on one or all of them,” says Magelli.

“The Apervita platform also has a unique market and community model. We provide a marketplace for analytics and data so publishers can make their knowledge computable and then distribute it to users everywhere. It’s an instant channel to market for them, with no upfront investment,” says Magelli