Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN): Advanced Analytic Content to Drive Meaningful Healthcare Experience

Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN): Advanced Analytic Content to Drive Meaningful Healthcare Experience

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Brent Shafer, Chairman & CEO, Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN)Brent Shafer, Chairman & CEO, Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN)
Industries generate a huge volume of data each day, and healthcare is no exception. Despite access to humongous data, healthcare takes a back seat in performance, efficiency, and quality of medical services delivery. Missouri-headquartered Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN) is enabling healthcare institutions to deliver superior medical experience. Cerner marries healthcare and information technology to connect people and systems globally.

For perspective, converting data into a visual format is not the real analytics but giving the healthcare organizations the power to see the future faster is. Cerner has gone an extra mile to build a proprietary analytic content platform with advanced intelligence, so decision-makers can gain deeper insights across a wide spectrum of their organizations.

Cerner has collected data spanning operational, financial, and clinical functions from multiple healthcare organizations in developing its platform. More than just a dashboard or a visual presentation tool, the pre-built analytic content platform “HealtheAnalytics” allows healthcare organizations to discover actionable insights that help them streamline operations and plug the loopholes —leading to delightful customer experience. The platform has been designed with the intelligence to conform to all the regulatory guidelines that clinicians must follow.

Several health providers use Excel sheets to draw tables and graphs to analyze their journey covered so far. But that’s not enough. To provide the health administrators and leadership teams with a 360-degree vision into the data insights, Cerner has built pioneering visualization tools that seamlessly cater to the data organization and visualization needs with the need to procure another piece of software.

Cerner has designed and built its proprietary analytics platform by collecting data spanning operational, financial, and clinical functions from multiple healthcare organizations

Although doctors may take the right clinical decisions, sometimes the EHR system may alert, “Hey, don’t prescribe more than seven days’ worth of Opioid.” Secondly, the guidelines by regulatory bodies such as The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also discourage the endorsement of such practices. But the problem with such guidelines is often they don’t support the clinical decision making and eventually lead to physicians’ alert fatigue. By leveraging the power of HealtheAnalytics, organizations can use EHR to support the clinical decisions by, for instance, providing doctors with patient-specific risks with Opioid prior to that.

Also, the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services leverage Hierarchical condition categories (HCC), a risk adjustment model to calculate risk scores for the beneficiaries of Medicare programs, to estimate the reimbursement. But health providers have to invest in additional resources to identify gaps in the documentation. Using HealtheAnalytics, healthcare organizations can now optimize their risk adjustment scores and easily identify the loopholes or gaps in the documents. Not to mention, the platform allows them to claim payments by generating reliable reports for any unpaid claims.

Recently, Cerner entered into a global collaboration with AWS in an effort to tackle some of the most complex problems of healthcare using AI and machine learning. Its partnership with Amazon ML Solutions Lab and Amazon SafeMaker will help them unlock life-saving insights while redefining the healthcare experience. Going forward, the company is only expected to carve its path to greater heights. Brent Shafer, Chairman and CEO at Cerner said, “We’re joining forces with Amazon and AWS to help fuel our strategy of making Cerner more agile in order to deliver faster, more scalable and secure solutions to clients and patients.”

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Brent Shafer, Chairman & CEO

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