CitiusTech: Solutions to Enhance Tech Adoption in Healthcare

CitiusTech: Solutions to Enhance Tech Adoption in Healthcare

Tectonic market shifts, emergence of new business models and ever-upgrading technologies are ensuring that the healthcare industry is growing to be among the most dynamic sectors. However, many organizations particularly in the healthcare vertical have shown deep reluctance towards the adoption of advanced technology trends and solutions as they tend to lack expertise and relevant resources. Headquartered in Princeton, CitiusTech eliminates complexities around the adoption of latest technology through its wide range of solutions covering a large arc from analytics to mobile to Big Data. “Our healthcare technology solutions have empowered our clients to make rapid substantial enhancement in their business and drive in innovation,” says Rizwan Koita, CEO, CitiusTech. CitiusTech services find relevance in various markets from med-tech to life sciences to healthcare technology providers to health plans. “Each of our solution is backed by our healthcare technology team having a deep commitment towards building and supporting customers with world-class healthcare solutions.”

With over 50 global partnerships with healthcare organizations, CitiusTech’s varied range of offerings helps assist its clients deploy and leverage on platforms such as Microsoft .NET 4.5, and mobile apps. “Our Healthcare Software Engineering service simplifies the task of operating on multiple cloud platforms, applications and devices to smoothen the service rendering process of healthcare settings,” adds Koita. The company’s business intelligence (BI) platform has also been a spectacular success in steering clients towards the accomplishment of their end goals.

“BI-Clinical is a modular, scalable and interoperable platform that encompasses capabilities to offer advanced healthcare analytics, shared risk management, population health management, and care co-ordination," beams Koita. The solution gives its users advanced predictive analytics tools such as Re-admission Management, Claim Analytics, Bundled Payments, Population Viewer, and Value-Based Purchasing. CitiusTech also provides specialized services in the area of Healthcare Domain Consulting, User Experience Design, Performance Optimization and Security Management along with solutions such as CQ-IQ.

The CQ-IQ optimally applies analytics on the BI-Clinical Rules Engine to provide Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) computation capabilities that helps users comply with HIPAA regulations on a cloud environment. “CQ-IQ currently consists of more than 250 pre-built CQM across various care settings such as physician practices, hospitals, ACOs and health plans,” says Koita.

Additionally, the company offers Healthcare Big Data, H-scale, to extract business insights and improve performance from the existing diverse database. Furthermore, these solutions help address the requirements for data security and encryption, data privacy, user and access management, support for interoperability, and clinical terminology standards.

M-Verge, another unique offering of CitiusTech solution, enables the formation of a programmable communication channel among mobile devices and consumer health to impart the healthcare enterprises the benefit of scalability. In addition, this solution enables patient enrolment, care management, patient interaction, and physician-patient collaboration in addition to facilitating access to wearable device data to support remote patient monitoring, and geo-fencing.
Medictiv, another solution from CitiusTech, enables health systems, payers, ACOs, and life science companies derive actionable insights through statistical mining, predictive modeling and optimization techniques.

"Alongside delivering the most befitting solutions, we also have specific innovation themes that involves basic analytical and reporting tasks in healthcare, mobile health, payment reforms and clinical quality reporting, provider-payer convergence and shared risk management," says Koita. "We also focus on innovation in the areas of community integration, public health reporting and social media integration in healthcare delivery," says Koita.

Moving forward, CitiusTech with its capabilities in healthcare technology and global resource space, aspires to consistently continue to deliver best-in-class solutions and an unmatched cost advantage to its healthcare clients worldwide.