Health Catalyst: Analytics Applications to Deliver Timely and Effective Healthcare

Health Catalyst: Analytics Applications to Deliver Timely and Effective Healthcare

With the technological advancements permeating the healthcare industry, companies have been rapidly embracing and adapting analytics replacing obsolete legacy solutions to handle data driven environments. “Analytics have are vastly deployed to interlink hospital administrator, doctors and patients, eventually leading to efficient and effective data analytics system,” says Dan Burton, CEO, Health Catalyst. However, many organizations despite implementing appropriate solutions, encounter difficulties in the management of high volumes of clinical, financial, patient satisfaction and administrative data that gets trapped in silos.

With an aim to address these challenges, Health Catalyst provides holistic integrated suite, enabling healthcare enterprises to fundamentally improve the quality of care and services. “Our company offers comprehensive analytic applications by delivering a cutting-edge technology like data warehousing and, analytic,” adds Burton.

Founded by a team of experts having vast acumen in data warehousing and quality improvement experience in healthcare, Health catalyst has grown magnanimously over a decade with its efficient set of products, applications and services. The company’ solutions help optimize an organization’s current environment and scale it to meet future needs using analytics. Additionally, the firm also develops and deploys application packages to target specific segment of the health care analytics market to point out imminent challenges Health Catalyst’s product suite encompass Late-Binding Data Warehouse, Analytics Applications, Catalyst Analytics platform and services that span different stages and levels of its Healthcare Analytics Adoption Model. Population Health Management and Patient Injury Prevention, one of its flagship solutions is an application that measure and manages baseline population health processes and outcomes to enable clinical improvement.

Operational Efficiency and Performance Monitoring, another solution of Health Catalyst helps healthcare organizations to increase their operational and work efficiencies and reduce waste reductions. The solution targets specific areas around healthcare to identify those that need improvements. The Operational Efficiency and Performance Monitoring suite includes components such as—Patient Experience Explorer, Labor Management Explorer, Patient Flow Explorer, and Practice Management Explorer.

Furthermore, the enterprise’s newly launched the Health Catalyst Academy, is a deeply engaging educational offering that is specially designed to help healthcare systems build their internal capacity to exponentially improve their clinical quality and operational efficiency.

Health Catalyst’s dynamic suite of applications’ ability to integrate clinical content and simplify the orderly implementation of action plans is one its core differentiating factors. “The prowess of solutions combined with experience and expertise of our founders around healthcare infused in our products are the aspects that set us ahead of competition,” says Burton.

Since inception, Health Catalyst managed to etch out a distinct stature in the industry for empowering customers with best-of-the-breed data analytics solutions. For instance, Texas Children’s Hospital launched a system-wide performance improvement project called Delivering on the Vision or DOTV with the goal to boost their financial performance. The customer wanted to increase data accessibility for patients as well as curb driving healthcare operation costs. Texas Children’s Hospital implemented Health Catalyst’s Late-Binding Enterprise data warehouse platform and healthcare Analytics Applications. As a result the customer was able to achieve real, measurable healthcare performance that translated into profits worth millions of dollars.

Health Catalyst has a set of products that is optimized for the current healthcare environment and scalable to meet your future analytics needs

For the future, the company plans to expand their product range and focus on areas like detailed comparative analytics, mobile idea, and geospatial analytics. “We wish to bring in the predictive and prescriptive modeling framework in healthcare and integrate them into population management modules to ensure the delivery of right treatment at the right time,” concludes Burton.