Inovalon: Turning Data into Actionable Insights

Inovalon: Turning Data into Actionable Insights

The healthcare industry is embarking upon the latest technology to fulfill critical priorities improving service quality in patient care, essential documentation, and data analytics. However, the accumulation of data and relevant information for analytics and keeping track of documents inflow are complex tasks for any healthcare organization. A key remedy to this major challenge is Inovalon, a leading technology company that combines one of the largest proprietary datasets in the world with advanced analytics, infrastructure to improve documentation, and bridge the gaps in service quality and patient care. “We provide big data technology and large-scale analytics that serve as a point of care for the healthcare companies” says Keith Dunleavy, CEO, Inovalon. “Our cloud-based analytical and data-driven intervention platforms are designed to enable users to locate the loopholes and resolve challenges around patient care services, data integration and maintenance of financial performance, ” Dunleavy explains.

Headquartered at Maryland, Inovalon technology is supporting healthcare organizations across North America and Puerto Rico. For effective management of data and analytics, Inovalon offers Data Integration, Advanced Analytics, Intervention and Business Processing platforms with effective tools and processes.

“In many organizations data recorded and captured in form of paper records or other formats which are not documented and hence is lost. This is where our big data technology platform can help” beams Dunleavy. MORE2 Registry, one of Inovalon’s offerings is a dataset that helps record clinicaly rich information, patient demographic data, benefits data, medical record documentation, imaging report data, electronic health record data, practitioner profile data, and social history data.

iPort, is another innovative Data Integration toolset that leverages a decade of dataset extraction along with data format insights from analysis offered by MORE2 Registry dataset, to allow high volume data integration.

“We also help healthcare enterprises to determine each patient’s clinical profile, their compliance with treatment protocols and quality measure standards. Additionally we assess how these match up to established quality standards under our Advanced Analytics platform, ” adds Dunleavy .

Under the company’s Intervention Platform, Inovalon offers point of care tools that helps healthcare provider gain patient-level insight.

In addition, the solution encompasses communication tools that support wide range of notifications and interactions with patients and providers via phone calls, mail, SMS messages, and e-mails. The Intervention platform is also complemented with medical record data tools that facilitate recording and capturing of electronic medical record data.

Inovalon has etched out a distinct stature in the healthcare industry and been under the limelight for its solution platforms that have contributed immensely to the success of its customers. Recently, the company was approached by Piedmont Community Health Plan, a provider-based managed healthcare organization to support their financial performance while serving Medicare Advantage population.

Inovalon implemented its iPORT data integration toolset to integrate Piedmont Community Health Plan’s multiple datasets into its healthcare data lake environment. “Inovalon’s industry-leading technologies offered us an impressive array of capabilities which we could not find in any other single integrated platform,” said David Brady, president and chief executive officer of Piedmont Community Health Plan. “The solution helped us gain for retrospective and prospective insights across initiatives focused on quality improvement, risk score accuracy and utilization efficiency alongside delivering us the convenience of data reporting and compliance.”

Our cloud-based analytical and data-driven intervention platforms are designed to enable users to locate the loopholes and resolve challenges around patient care services and data integration

With the healthcare landscape only booming, the company plans to tread to carry on its quest to benefit healthcare customers by providing powerful solution suite to drive in high-value results and boost quality and economics for health plans. “We want to reach out more and more to health care organizations and help the world in a better way,” concludes Dunleavy.