Persivia: Single-platform Chronic Care Management, Analytic and Regulatory Solution

Persivia: Single-platform Chronic Care Management, Analytic and Regulatory Solution

Mansoor Khan, CEO, PersiviaMansoor Khan, CEO, Persivia
Today, healthcare organizations solicit for a single platform that can address their analytical needs— from the ICU to the ambulatory clinic. There is a massive demand for real-time information and analytics at the point-of-care, for providing chronic care, as well as merging claims and clinical data, and for consumer engagement. “In this scenario, Precision Medicine Initiative is a real game-changer for the healthcare industry because it takes account of critical patient data that hasn’t been included in treatment plans such as consumer, genetic and social data,” says Mansoor Khan, CEO, Persivia.

Embracing the concept of precision medicine, Persivia has captured every patient data from clinical, claims, behavior, consumer, genomics and proteomic data to provide better risk stratification, enable earlier clinical interventions and manage costs. The company leverages real-time analytics that addresses the growing need of managing complex patient populations with two or more chronic conditions. “To execute this growing demand of managing data, we have formulated new ordnance— regulatory reporting services to help providers manage their clinical and financial outcomes risk,” says Khan.

Persivia delivers a platform that has the workflows, reports and clinical content needed by today’s organizations to offer quality care and manage risk. “Our genesis was to deliver real-time evidence-based information at the point-of-care to help improve the quality of care. That mission has not changed even while the strategy to achieve that mission has evolved,” explains Khan. Persivia’s rules engine can identify thousands of clinical and administrative events and then generate alerts and reports. Offering real-time alerts at the point-of-care ensures that the provider knows what actions will deliver the best quality. As in the risk bearing environment, providers and administrators need to know the level of

quality that their organizations and individual providers are delivering and also what impact that is having on the institution’s finances. “Everything we have been doing and continue to do today is geared towards helping our customers meet these objectives,” points out Khan.

For instance, an ACO (Accountable Care Organization) customer was able to analyze their risk adjusted radiology imaging services spend and learn that one provider was at a lower cost by a significant margin. “Another customer was able to analyze the risk adjusted cost of hospitalizations between two facilities and discover that one facility was costing almost twice as much as the other one,” explains Khan. Persivia’s technology platform is built on the latest, standards-based code for easy integration with all systems helping organizations improve care quality while reducing costs.

“We have a passionate team that works hard to keep customers happy,” says Khan who strives to be very open and transparent in dealing personally and professionally. “Also our senior management team brings together a very unique combination of clinical and software expertise,” he adds. This has helped Persivia remain ahead of the curve.

Real-time alerts at the point-of-care ensures that the provider knows what actions will deliver the best quality

In the near future, Persivia aims to expand its footprint in the hospital market by providing industry’s premier integrated platform for managing clinical and financial outcomes risk in the ambulatory and acute environments. “With the recent CMS payments for managing patient populations with two or more chronic conditions, Persivia will help providers capitalize on this new revenue opportunity. We will also alleviate some of the clinical and administrative burdens of managing these complex populations,” concludes Khan.