ZirMed: A Rare Nexus of Revenue Cycle Management Tools and Predictive Analytics

ZirMed: A Rare Nexus of Revenue Cycle Management Tools and Predictive Analytics

Modern day healthcare organizations have to cope with a lot of operational challenges like dedicating sufficient amount of time, funds, and insight on resources to flawlessly execute medical and business processes. Today, many hospitals are using cloud-based solutions to perk up important organizational procedures and provide appropriate healthcare facilities to patients. Unfortunately, changing repayment models and rising operational costs result in causing acute problems in maintaining business transactions and payment records by many large number of healthcare companies. Over the past few years, healthcare organizations exhibited urgency towards the adoption of solutions that help manage fee-for-service as most of their repayment related workflows were manual, bulky, and complex making it difficult to extract full payment and acquire quick imbursement. ZirMed, a provider of revenue cycle management solutions, delivers vital insights to healthcare companies and facilitates provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient communication. "We provide our clients with predictive analytics solutions and help them in optimizing their revenue cycle," says Thomas W. Butts, CEO, ZirMed.

Headquartered in St. Louisville, KY, the company’s solutions leverage the power of cloud technology to cure administrative burdens and increase cash flow. Additionally, the firm’s solution assists eligibility verification, credit/ debit card processing, check processing, claims management, coding compliancy, and reimbursement management. ZirMed offers a complete collection of cloud-based revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions that help in maximizing revenue and productivity. “We recognized the fundamental obstacle around healthcare settings— lack of interoperability between outdated systems and decided to develop fully interoperable cloud-based communication solutions that solve challenges around HIPAA compliance,” affirms Butts.

ZirMed’s Patient Access solution helps patients in understanding their insurance benefits and payment responsibilities, thereby helping the organization in collecting their charge on time. Moreover, the solution is complemented with essential features such as patient estimation and Zpay— process credit/debit card and cash payments from any PC with real-time reporting of all transactions. Furthermore, the company offers predictive analytics technology and artificial Intelligence (AI), and delivers charge

integrity solution that helps in comprehensive charge analysis, recovery revenue statistics, and compliance risk analysis to enhance ROI for hospitals and other healthcare systems. ZirMed has helped numerous healthcare organizations of all sizes to optimize revenue and population health management with an end-to-end platform of cloud-based and clinical management solutions. By delivering distinct patient and revenue cycle management services, ZirMed has been successful in connecting providers, patients, and payers across the field of health care. Some of the company’s unique solutions have assisted hospitals and other medical practitioners by ensuring on-time payment, maintaining patient billing details and enhancing clinical operations. Moreover, the company’s enterprise cloud solution delivers compelling return on investment and agile development through predictive analytics.

For instance, Winter Haven Ambulatory Surgical Center (HASC), a healthcare provider, faced considerable difficulties in finding and tracking remits that led to slow processing and delayed payments. By deploying Zirmed’s solutions, the client was able to grant enhanced claims management—boosting payments by reducing days (A/R Days) required for receiving payment from clients, recovering remits, and storing patient statements. As a result, HASC witnessed easy reconciliation of remit, payment and deposit records, improved efficiency in payment posting, efficient patient billing and increased revenue.

Moving ahead, ZirMed is focusing on achieving a unified view of patients across all their products and line of businesses. The company recently inaugurated two new offices in Santa Monica and Chicago to strengthen their end-to-end platform. With an expert development team, ZirMed is also planning to take forward its solutions for predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and population health management to gather more names in its customer base.